spinny the spinster

give the buried flower a dream
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adoration, almira gulch, attics, baba yaga, bachelors, being elderly, bells, bingo night, bleakness, boot flasks, buns, cake, cameo brooches, candles, canes, cats, celibacy, choral music, church basements, cobwebs, crochet, crucifix, death and the lady, death shrouds, deer, dried flowers, dusty old valentines, dying alone, egg cups, embroidery, floor-length gowns, fussbudgets, gallivanting, governesses, harps, henrietta dodgson, hissing, holy water, honey, hoop skirts, intense fantasy lives, kerchiefs, knitting, lace, matchbox shrines, miss havisham, mrs. rochester, mythology, nessie, nuns, old pianos, orphans, parlors, perpetual curates, pine cones, pipe organs, prayer cards, prunes, rock gardens, rocking chairs, rosaries, rosary peas, saints, seclusion, shadows, shakers, slipping away from daylight, sparrows, spinsters, talking to oneself, tea, teacups, the good china, the lady of shalott, the virgin mary, the wringing of hands, toothless hags, torch wielding villagers, uselessness of everything, veils, wailing, weeping, weeping willows, wells, wicked witches, widow's walks, widow's weeds, wind, winterclothes, yarn